SEESA (ALSTOM/National Grid)

London Power Tunnels 2 (LPT2)

New Cross Sub-Station

2019 Ongoing

Project Overview:

SEESA are undertaking a 6 year, £750million project providing a new network of cables 32.5km in length, between Wimbledon and Crayford ensuring a safe and secure supply of electricity to the Capital. The project’s design utilises a newly bored tunnel connecting sub-stations via deep shafts with secure head houses protecting the infrastructure beneath. At New Cross the two 35m shafts each have their own 15x15m secure headhouses, that required Securiclad high security modular panel system designed and manufactured to protect highrisk areas. Typically used in data centres and government infrastructure, nuclear facilities, banks and hazardous material storage sites security rated 2-5.

Install Securiclad high security modular panel system. Fabricate, supply and install class “O” weather proofing to GIS hall. Fireproof the whole of the GIS building to protect it against direct heat radiation and flame impingement to withstand temperatures of at least 1366.15 K (1093°C, 2000°F) for a period of 30 min. In addition, we offer Ballisticlad, a high security modular panel system certified to Ballistic Standards EN1522/23 (1999) FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 and FB6 with a non-spall rating.