TBM Enclosure

Moorgate Crossrail Shaft

7 Months

Project Overview:

Alltask were commissioned by BBMV JV to design and build a temporary roof style enclosure. The Moorgate Shaft is a 32m diameter shaft. A ventilation enclosure was required for when the Crossrail “Victoria” TBM passed through the Moorgate Box. The enclosure was supported on one side by standard independent scaffolding, whilst the other side needed to be suspended, spanned off gallows brackets bolted to the wall.

A steelwork structure had originally been designed to provide the enclosure, however CRL asked the Alltask design team for a value engineered alternative, which subsequently became the preferred methodology. Aside from providing an airtight space, the scaffold was required to support the ventilation ducting and the muck conveyor for the TBM. The roof of the enclosure was also designed for snow and man access loading.