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Investing In Our People

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In addition to actively encouraging a team which is passionate about the scaffolding solutions and other services we provide, Alltask promotes and supports equality and personal development in the workplace.


We are committed to the belief that this will enrich our business for the future and create a culture of dignity at Alltask. 


Our management team has always known that, when it comes to providing the best scaffolding solutions, people are our most valuable asset, and we have cultivated a world-class approach to developing their careers with Alltask.


We are proud to invest in a positive future, to ensure the business maintains a safe, well-trained, and healthy workforce of scaffolding contractors, insulation contractors, asbestos management specialists and office personnel for years to come.




Alltask is committed to helping its team to develop both personally, professionally and in their careers. We help them to be the best they can within their workplace and the communities in which they live and work.


Professionally, personnel are provided with all the knowledge and skills required to conduct their role through the delivery of internal and external training.  Personnel are appraised yearly to confirm areas for their development and progression, meeting the needs of the business and growing the individual.


Additional to the development of professional knowledge and skills, we invest time in the development of inter-personal skills to ensure positive and proactive client engagement is maintained, and the highest standards and integrity are upheld through the conduct of their actions.


They are encouraged and supported in being personally accountable for delivering on the company's commitments, always working toward developing relationships and service levels that positively impact our clients' lives, often working together, across boundaries, to meet the clients' needs.

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Communication is key when it comes to the successful running of any organisation. We believe that this includes regular communication not only with our clients, but with our own people.  We achieve this through regular face to face engagement at all levels and through the provision of various professional and social IT platforms that keep all employees informed of activities across the business.


In addition to encouraging regular positive communication and support among all our staff, the Alltask Mental Health Support Campaign, Just Talk, was developed. This is a network of professionally trained Mental Health Wellbeing Champions who play a role in promoting a positive culture in the workplace and support staff by encouraging them to talk and ask questions. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing


Alltask is committed to ensuring world-class health, safety and environmental standards. We encourage every person involved or affected by our business activities to look out for each other and make everyone's welfare and the environment a personal value.


Driven by our 'Aim for Zero' safety campaign, which aims for zero accidents in the workplace, our staff, customers, and the public's safety are of the utmost importance.


Physical and mental health, safety and well-being is paramount in everything we do and sits at the heart of our business process.

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We are proud to say we have a range of roles and responsibilities required within our Alltask team which provides  a variety of career opportunities  in the fields of scaffolding, insulation and asbestos management.


If you like the sound of Alltask’s commitment to the well-being of its staff and the development of their careers and would like to find out more about starting your career with Alltask, you can find our current vacancies below. Or contact us at

Apprenticeship Opportunities


Apprenticeship opportunities within Alltask not only work towards combating the skills gap within the construction industry but help to deliver social value to the local communities in which we work.


Alltask has a yearly intake of apprentices who work in the scaffolding, insulation and asbestos management sectors. These individuals are educated, mentored, and assessed through our training program that is tailored to their personal progress and individual needs.


We are proud to have received a Commendation from The Department of Work at Pensions in  the ‘Young People’ category, demonstrating our class-leading approach to young people and trainees. 


We are also pleased to say that Senior Managers within the business are graduates of the trainee scheme, some from several decades ago.  If you would like to find out more about our apprenticeship opportunities, get in touch with us today.