Alltask KnowNow® Digitalised
Management System

Background - The Problem


Alltask undertake around 20,000 tasks a year, most of which were recorded on a 3-part paper ticket. Whilst accurate, it was relatively slow and offered little in terms of flexibility as the company grew or managed new services.

In Autumn 2012 it was decided that the strategy for 2013 would be to take all management systems and make them paperless and available via the cloud. After reviewing the marketplace for an off-the-shelf solution, it was agreed to develop our own product focused on customer requirements, Alltask management processes and industry best practice. The project began in earnest in January 2013.

Our Product - The Solution

Alltask KnowNowTM is a purpose built, bespoke management system that allows any task that we undertake to be recorded, costed (where applicable) and available for the customer to view anywhere in the world, within 15 minutes of that task being performed. It is a cloud-based system, which gives our customer access to data whether financial, operational and statutory or any other agreed criteria.

Every project has a pre-project interview (in person, by phone or on-line meeting) between Alltask and the customer, the objective being to identify the customers’ project processes. Typically, this may include identifying customer staff (usually foreman, works managers or project managers) who are nominated as authorized to sign-off e-tickets for either schedule works, variations, design or any other criteria that is required. Different authorizers for different processes can be agreed here, whether financial, task specific or other. Confirmation of those processes will include email notifications at any sign-off stage to whoever has been nominated. For example, if a client requires his foreman to be able to sign-off work against the original quote, but wanted the works manager to be the only person to sign off variations, this can be facilitated. Alltask staff, using touch screen PC-Tablets at the workplace, capture data either by an authorized signature (e-ticket sign-off) or en email submission (one, or both, of which would have been agreed at the aforementioned pre-project interview) mechanism.

The customer is given their own log-in for their project(s), where they can view, amend, export or interrogate any information they require. The customer will be able to view who authorized a task, by either the email approval of that task or viewing the signature of the task-approver on-line.

Alltask KnowNowTM puts the customer in the middle of the processes on a real-time basis from wherever the Internet can be accessed.


We set about creating a solution for QS's, commercial managers and accountants alike for the industry wide pinch-point that is the end-of-month valuation and AfP (Application for Payment) process. Alltask KnowNow® provides clients with up to date information on the value of work Alltask have carried out on their project. This enables a site QS to include an accurate assessment in their monthly valuation without the need to wait for our AfP.

As the schedule of works is updated every 15 minutes this also means that a QS will be able to see movements as they occur and will have all the back-up information to hand; no more requesting copy certs at the end of the month. Checking an Alltask AfP is much quicker, and easier, thus freeing up time for other tasks. The system is very flexible as permissions can be amended during the project by the client as and when required.

So, say a QS has set up their criteria where by the GF (General Foreman) can sign-off as completed any item on the original quotation, the Works Manager any item that’s a variation greater than £1000 and any design item by the Temporary Works Engineer. The QS then goes on a week’s leave, he can re-set any criteria (including the £1000 threshold) simply by logging-on to his project using any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world and making a simple change.

In summary, the QS will know exactly what’s happening on their project as the e-ticket is signed-off. No more waiting until the end of the month to clarify contract liabilities!


Alltask KnowNow® empowers project managers and operational staff to be aware of exactly which items have been completed and compare this to project programs on a daily basis. For example, if a task is completed on their project, and submitted for a sign-off on e-ticket, they will know immediately that the task is complete and have a record of who signed-off the task, and any on-going legacy in terms of statutory inspection (as Alltask Scaffold and Alltask Asbestos Management Services have).

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001

If a task undertaken by Alltask has a legacy of statutory, best practice or Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) or best practice inspection/testing, Alltask KnowNow® offers the user the chance (via a tick box) at the e-ticket sign-off stage to add the task to an inspection list that is available to approved users identified in the client interview process.

This inspection list is based within the system and is accessible anywhere where an internet connection is available. Inspections are recorded at the work-face, and are automatically updated to the list. Thus, a customer can see all the inspections on all their projects on a real-time basis.

Alltask competency, training and induction records are contained within Alltask KnowNow®, thus a customer is able to verify competencies based upon operative, training type or on an individual project basis at their discretion. TBTs (Tool Box Talks) confirmations, including sign-off sheets are accessible to customers as are equipment inspections records, whether daily, usage or statutory.