COVID-19 Contamination

Office Decontamination

Medway, Kent

Reactive Call Out

Project Overview:

A member of staff was in close contact with a colleague who had subsequently self-isolated with concerning symptoms of Covid-19. The interaction was 1 to 1 for most of the morning in a single office unit. As soon as the self isolator reported his condition, it was decided that the best course of action was to ask the member of staff to also go home and self-isolate. The office was quarantined and a specialist cleaning service was procured for thorough decontamination of the office space. The infection risk from environmental contamination is likely to last 72 hours, therefore a same day response was requested. Alltask Environmental Services were able to send

a team to site within four hours, develop a site specific Safe System of Work and then undertake the environmental decontamination. Any high-contact / touch point areas such as door handles, telephones, touch screens, hand-rails etc were cleaned with EN1276 disinfectant and single use disposable cloths. Any Inanimate surfaces were treated with a fogged EN1276 disinfectant, which also provides residual protection. The work was completed during the working day, with a drying period of six hours. The office was accessible the following working day.