Aim For Zero - Health & Safety Campaign

We are committed to safety culture and service levels via the Alltask Aim for Zero Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Campaign in everything we do.

It is our programme for ensuring world class Health, Safety and Environmental standards to everything we do. We encourage every person involved or affected by our business activities to look out for each other and make everyone’s welfare and the environment a personal value.

With the increasing awareness of Health and Wellbeing, the Alltask Aim for Zero campaign has specific managed and monitored objectives which extends to;

  • Proactively managing health & well-being.

  • Addressing and promoting mindfulness.

  • Eliminating preventable ill health.

  • Limiting exposure to health risk.

  • Reducing absence due to work-related illness.

  • Rehabilitating workers.

  • Enhancing well-being.

  • Promoting standards and good practice.

We set and monitor health, safety and environmental related KPIs which are reported on a monthly basis and distributed via the campaign literature and our quarterly newsletter that all operatives and stakeholders receive.


Aim for Zero is the vehicle that supports the promotion of Alltask Black Hats, a nominated operative that has full autonomy to measure, minimise and control hazards and non-compliance at the workface. We currently have in excess of 45 Alltask Black Hats across all services.