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Next to raw materials, energy usually represents the largest single cost element of most manufacturing processes. The Alltask Insulation service can design and install Thermal, Cryogenic and Acoustic solutions to minimise your costs, increase process efficiency, provide personnel protection and reduce CO2 emissions.

The Alltask Insulation service has a proven track record and can insulate anything from the smallest pipe to the largest structures whether Thermal, Cryogenic or Acoustic.



Whether saving money, or achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions, our Insulation service is here to assist in the design and installation of an insulation solution


We provide a complete range of thermal insulation services and protection for pipe work and fittings, ductwork, boilers, vessels, and tanks in a variety of high- and low-temperature applications and expert at applying appropriate Personnel Protection (PP) where a risk of burn injury or shock to personnel if an individual encountered hot or cold surfaces has been identified by our clients.


We have a fully fitted workshop able to fabricate insulation cladding for pipe work, duct work, bends, valve covers and boxes; we even make and sew insulation mats and blankets. We supply services ranging from 24 hour call out through to maintenance attendance to major outage or shutdown support.


Next to raw materials, energy usually represents the largest single cost element of most manufacturing processes. Alltask recognise thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a valuable benefit towards energy conservation, process efficiency and personnel safety.


Properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to a plant’s operating bottom line, in turn helping to reduce CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and operating costs.


We are familiar with a wide range of material and cladding specifications and have our own in-house cladding fabrication facility for a fast turnaround in planned, outage or shutdown requirements.



We have a 15-year experience of LNG insulation supply and fix.  In order to guarantee the LNG cold temperature of -160°C, insulation (applied in accordance with strict specifications) is paramount. Insulation systems consisting of PIR (Polyisocyanurate) rigid foam or cellular glass insulation, applied in multiple layers, in combination with high performance vapour barriers and adhesives are used in order to produce the necessary degree of insulation compliance.


Mechanical and weather protection to the installed insulation is achieved by the application of specified cladding materials, which include stainless steel, luminised steel or ultra violet cured GRP.


The PIR rigid foam used for pipe, equipment and storage tank insulation is produced specifically for use in LNG insulation systems and has both mechanical and thermal properties.


Cellular glass insulation is also used for cold insulation of pipe work, equipment, storage tanks.



With a commitment to reduce noise pollution high on most site or project requirements we are able to offer advice and installation on a wide range of acoustic insulation products.


We are members of TICA (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association) and actively encourage TICA approved apprentices.