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Social Housing

In 2018, we designed and installed 1,364 scaffold structures to over 4,000 homes in the social housing sector across London & the Home Counties for 19 London Boroughs, Councils, Housing Associations and Main Contractors and Specialist Subcontractors without a single lost time accident (LTA).

Working for both Contracts and London Boroughs, Councils and Housing Association our services provide safe results for a countless subcontract services including external decorations, roofing and gutter leaks, chimney repairs, external wall insulation (EWI).


Scaffold temporary work design, shrink-wrap water proofing and satellite relocation & tuning services are all carried out in-house by our own directly employed, trained and accredited workforce.

What makes the Alltask approach class leading?


Everything we do, is focused on you, your client and the tenant.  We are committed to building a long term relationship with our clients and customers, through collaboration and mutual respect.

All of our works are managed via our own developed in-house Alltask KnowNow real-time management information system, enabling you to know from your PC or mobile device a) what properties we’re working on in real time, b) what properties currently have scaffolds installed, c) those scaffolds latest Scaffold Inspection Register entries (including time stamping, geotagging, fault photographs and the Scaffold Inspectors competence) and, d) those scaffolds awaiting dismantling.  


We have vast experience of working with RLO’s (Resident Liaison Officer), understand and acknowledge the intricacies of working around the tenant’s requirements whether using   SOR’s (Standard Operating Rates) or fixed price lump sum for Section 20 tenant compliance.


We are unique in having our own on-house, fully HSE licenced Alltask Asbestos Removal service.  If we are providing a multi service solution of scaffold and asbestos removal, such as soffits and gutters, the client benefits from a scaffold design that incorporates all the idiosyncrasies that an asbestos enclosure requires to be HSE compliant.

We employ and train our workforce specifically for the social housing sector.   As part of the Alltask Aim for Zero health and safety initiative, we promote the best supervisors to have additional responsibilities for health, safety and customer satisfaction.  We call these Alltask Black Hats.  Our social housing Black Hats, as are all staff, are trained to manage tenant expectations.  They use soft skills and understand that working at tenant’s homes requires additional skills and understanding that isn’t required on a regular construction project.  They’re polite and courteous and are trained to pass any issue up the management line for remedy as to maintain their relationship with the tenant.  We believe this approach is crucial in the social housing sector, in addition to sticking to tight deadlines driven by the client.


We letter drop the tenants notifying them of the proposed works and dates, surveying every job individually before we carry out any work.


We pay for genuine damages, thus negating the need for our operatives to cover up accidental damages that occur from time to time.

If there is a requirement to comply to a budget, we have a proven and can demonstrate the ability to increase labour and material resources to ensure spend compliance.  In the social housing sector, we have 40 operatives, including 10 Black Hats and 15 HGV’s.  We have a variety of sized HGV’s, so as to minimise the impact on local residents going about their business.


All our operatives are asbestos aware, with the Black Hats having SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) accreditation and being registered First Aiders.  All our HGV’s have First Aid kits.