Charity 10km Race at Olympic Park

Charity Run at Olympic Park

James Abbott and Elle Tristram from our Asbestos team ran a 10km race at Olympic Park on March 3rd, after training hard since January.

Their goal extended beyond personal achievement—they aimed to raise funds to support a local woman in her battle against cancer. Elle and James would greatly appreciate any donations towards this cause.

Leonie’s Story

Leonie, aged 28, is battling stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), an aggressive form of cancer. After being misdiagnosed in mid-2022, her condition has worsened, leading her to undergo her third chemotherapy treatment. Despite trying every available option, the search for effective treatment has been challenging. The family is now seeking financial support to afford a promising treatment at a North American cancer center, not available in the UK. They hope to raise £72,000 / $91,000 to cover the costs, promising to donate any excess funds to cancer charities if the treatment isn’t pursued.

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