Riverlinx CJV – Access Scaffolding

Access Scaffolding Riverlinx

Riverlinx CJV, on behalf of Transport for London, are building a new twin-bore road tunnel under the Thames linking the Greenwich Peninsula to Newham. The road tunnel will be 1.4km long with two lanes in each direction. As well as the tunnels, other structures to house equipment, offices, and staff facilities are required.

Alltask has provided access scaffolding for the Control Building for the new Silvertown Tunnel using multiple beam types, tube and fitting, and boards. This Scaffold will play a crucial role in the safe installation of all cladding and glazing. Precise tolerances were agreed upon during the build to ensure the correct and best working arrangements for all trades, demonstrating our team’s commitment to precision and safety.

Designing this scaffold posed several challenges. Our client’s specifications demanded that the entire scaffold be bridged with the fewest possible supports, without relying on roof-based back propping (to ensure no interference with internal work) and to enable the simultaneous installation of a green roof while completing the cladding elements. Adding to the complexity, the building features a distinctive circular funnel shape, necessitating the scaffold to be splayed, with multiple levels of intersecting beams with strategically positioned puncheons to adapt to the circular nature of the building and its expanding building profile from bottom to top and accommodating multiple boarded levels for all trades.

Access Scaffolding Riverlinx

The complexities of this project were not limited to its design, which was completed by Henry Challis, the complexity extended throughout the construction phase. A big shout out to Sean Hunt and his team who played a pivotal role in turning this vision into reality; not an easy scaffold to get right.

From the intricate design to the finished scaffold, the entire process was a testament to the skill, hard work, and dedication of the designer and all our site-based scaffold team.

The leadership and the collective effort of every team member ensured the successful realisation of this project within a remarkably short timeframe. Notably, we achieved no lost time due to Health and Safety issues, underscoring the professionalism and dedication of all involved.

Access Scaffolding Riverlinx

The Silvertown Tunnel is not just a transportation project. As it nears completion, it will shape the landscape for many years to come, showcasing what can be achieved with vision, expertise, and teamwork.


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