Waterloo Station PACE 2

Waterloo Station Scaffolding

Alltask’s scaffold design journey with Prime Scaffold and Structural Designs Limited (PSD) and our client, Octavius Infrastructure Ltd, began in PACE 2 in 2020 under an Early Contractor Involvement Contract (ECI). Over the course of three years, spanning PACE 2, Alltask developed and refined the scaffold design, and the approved for construction design (AFC) was successfully signed off in March of this year.

The design initially commenced with the development of a tube and fitting scaffold solution during PACE 2.

However, it quickly became apparent that HAKI offered a more advantageous solution due to its lightweight nature, quick erection and dismantling times, and superior load-bearing capabilities. Consequently, Alltask opted for a HAKI design solution for the remainder of the design process throughout PACE 2.

Alltask’s scope includes scaffolding to two key areas. Area one is scaffolding to the main concourse roof. Area two is scaffolding to the external North and South Port Cochere’s, and adjacent link canopy. Scaffolding is being provided to both areas for roof replacement works.

Area 1: Scaffolding to the main concourse roof to facilitate the replacement of 25 existing glazed roofs.

Approximately 95% of the above structures are currently being erected on-site using genuine HAKI components and this element of the scheme involves two main working areas, each with seven phases as follows:

Phases 1A-7A: Scaffolding installed between existing roofs 1-14, and aligned with the roof replacement works.

Phases 1B-7B: Scaffolding installed between roofs 15-25, and aligned with the roof replacement works.

Waterloo Station Scaffolding Services
Waterloo Station London Scaffolding Services

The erection and dismantling of the primary deck scaffolding occurs during engineering hours only, between 01:00am and 04:00am. In contrast, the birdcage and temporary roof scaffolding are erected and dismantled during extended night shifts, working from 20:00pm to 04:00am.

Alltask’s work on site began at the end of March 2023, with two separate scaffold teams working at opposite ends of the station to progressively erect the Phase 1A, and Phase 1B scaffolding. Phase 1A (Roof Bays 1 & 2) was fully handed over for roofing works in July 2023, and Phase 2A (Roof Bays 3 & 4) was handed over in September 2023. Phase 1B (Roof Bays 14-17) was handed over in June and any further works to this phase have been temporarily stopped and are due to start again in April 2024.

Waterloo Station Scaffolding Services

Future Phases: Works on Phase 3A (Roof bays 5 & 6) are scheduled to continue shortly until the end of November when our teams will come away from the site temporarily with the project set to resume again in April 2024, coinciding with the start of the new CP7 framework.

Area 2 Scaffolding: Scaffolding to the North Port Cochere, South Port Cochere, and the link canopy between both to facilitate roof replacement works.

Our work will involve the provision of a beamed access scaffolding for roof repairs which will be formed using traditional tube and fittings. The work is due to start on-site in Q2 of 2024.

During this phase, both Area 1 internal phases will restart, alongside the initiation of the Area 2 external Port Cochere works.

Alltask is proud to be part of this extensive project, demonstrating its commitment to delivering innovative scaffold solutions across various stages of the Network Rail PACE 2 process and contributing to the successful execution of a complex project in a challenging environment.


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