Ouse Valley Viaduct

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Alltask is providing ongoing support for our client, Octavius Infrastructure Ltd as part of their brick and stonework repair and restoration scheme to arches 3-8 of the Grade II listed Ouse Valley Viaduct, in Haywards Heath, West Sussex in a bid to revive the historic viaduct back to its former glory.

The Ouse Valley Viaduct, located between Haywards Heath and Balcombe, is an iconic structure comprising 37 identical arches. It stands at an impressive height of 29 meters and stretches 450 meters in total.

Originally constructed as part of the London to Brighton railway line between July 1838 and July 1841, it was designed to carry trains over the River Ouse. It stands as a testament to the engineering marvels of its time, using an estimated 11 million bricks in its construction.

Restoring such a historic and architecturally significant structure poses numerous challenges, including:

Ensuring that the restoration work preserves the viaduct’s heritage value and complies with Grade II listing requirements.

Access and Safety
Providing safe and efficient access for workers to carry out extensive brick and stonework repairs across arches 3-8 while minimising disruptions to train services.

Structural Integrity
Ensuring that the viaduct remains structurally sound during the repair process, considering its age and historical significance.

Alltask has expertise in scaffolding and temporary access solutions and plays a vital role in overcoming any challenges.

Euston Station Scaffolding Services
Euston Station London Scaffolding Services

Scaffold Installation
We have installed multiple access scaffolds and lifting frames custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the restoration project. These structures offer secure and flexible access to workers throughout the repair process.

Safety Measures
Safety is paramount in such projects. Alltask’s scaffolding solutions not only facilitate access but also provide protection for workers, ensuring their well-being during the repair work.

Compliance and Expertise
Alltask ensures that all scaffolding and access solutions comply with relevant regulations and standards. We work closely with external design consultants, Prime Scaffold & Structural Designs Limited, to develop temporary work designs that meet the project’s unique requirements.


Euston Station Scaffolding Services

We continue to support our client Octavius Infrastructure Ltd in the restoration of the Ouse Valley Viaduct, demonstrating our expertise in providing scaffolding and temporary access solutions for historically significant projects. The successful completion of the initial phase demonstrates our commitment to preserving architectural heritage and ensuring the structural integrity of iconic structures like the Ouse Valley Viaduct. As the restoration project continues, we remain a valuable partner in helping to restore historic landmarks for generations to come.

The completion of the first phase of the scaffolding works, marks a significant milestone in the restoration project.


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