Euston Station Gets New Displays

Euston Station Scaffolding

Alltask are providing ongoing scaffolding services for the installation of new high-definition passenger information screens at London Euston Station. The objective of this project is to enhance the passenger experience and modernise the station’s departure and arrival boards, aligning it with 21st-century

Alltask successfully erected a bridged encapsulated access and lifting frame scaffolding adjacent to the front of the existing concourse screen at Euston Station. The scaffold was meticulously designed by our external design partners Prime Scaffold and Structural Designs Limited (PSD) and adheres to the highest
industry standards and safety regulations.

The purpose of the scaffolding is to provide safe access and protection required for the removal of old information screens, and the installation of new high-definition displays. The encapsulated design ensures that work can proceed safely, whilst ensuring protection of workers and passengers throughout, and minimising disruption to the station operations.

The project’s focal point is the installation of a state-of-the-art, £1.5 million electronic departure and arrivals boards at the heart of Euston station’s concourse. This significant upgrade has quadrupled the number of screens available to passengers, greatly improving the flow of travel information.

Euston Station Scaffolding Services
Euston Station London Scaffolding Services
London Euston Station Scaffolding

The installation of the new departure boards marks the latest phase in a series of improvements aimed at modernising the station, making it more accommodating to the evolving needs of travellers.

In addition to the internal displays, further banks of electronic passenger information screens have been installed outside the station on the piazza.

Alltask’s expertise in delivering complex scaffolding structures in operational Station environments played an important role in facilitating
the successful installation of high-definition information screens at London Euston station.

This project is a testament to our commitment to safety, efficiency, and the modernisation of transportation infrastructure. We are proud
to have contributed to the ongoing transformation of Euston Station and its continued role as a central hub for travellers in London.

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