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Sustainability is a key driver for Alltask first obtained ISO 14001 in 2009 and in 2011 received the only globally recognised Carbon Management Reduction Scheme for Construction (CEMARS). 


Our current strategy is in line with our client base and we hold Supply Chain Sustainability School Gold Status. Strategies learned from the SCSS are implemented at board level and a program of continual improvement is adhered to and monitored. 


ACTIONS include


Alltask are committed to continuing assessment our carbon reduction management. 


Committed to improving Corporate Social Responsibility (See Alltask in the Community). 


Committed to diversifying the workforce by attending regular FIR sessions with SCSS partners 


Actively promote sustainability through internal and external communication channels 


Continue to monitor and identify key gaps in the company’s knowledge base that, through further training, can be filled. 

BENEFITS include


  • Enhanced community reputation

  • A proactive approach to sustainability

  • Being able to measure and report social value

  • Integrate our apprenticeship scheme with work finders

  • Talent acquisition and staff retention through development of more inclusive workplace

  • Winning more work by gaining competitive advantage by being able to better demonstrate sustainability credentials.