Emirates Stadium Access Birdcage

Emirates Stadium

In a strategic endeavour to expand the seating capacity at the Emirates stadium, our engineering team designed and implemented an advanced scaffold system.

The project involved the use of a custom-fitted access birdcage and remote control loading tracks to facilitate the movement of heavy steel materials.

This innovative approach not only increased efficiency but also ensured the extension of the club seating area by one row around the entire stadium.

The primary challenge was to extend the seating area without disrupting the ongoing use of the stadium. The structure had to support heavy loads and allow for large-scale construction in a phased manner. The birdcage scaffold needed to be flush with the ground to accommodate the remote control loading tracks effectively. Additionally, ensuring the project’s completion within the tight summer break timelines posed significant scheduling challenges.

Emirates Stadium
Emirates Stadium

To address these challenges, we used a birdcage scaffold system designed to be flush with the ground, allowing for seamless operation of the remote control loading tracks. This setup was crucial for the safe and efficient transportation of heavy steel beams and other construction materials across the scaffold at the stadium.

The construction was strategically divided into two phases:

First Phase: Half of the stadium was erected during one summer, enabling the use of the remaining sections for events without interruption.

Second Phase: The subsequent summer saw the dismantling and re-erection of the remaining half, following the same operational blueprint.

HAKI materials were chosen for their reliability and strength. These materials are well-regarded in the construction industry for their durability and safety features, which were vital for this project’s success under tight deadlines and heavy loads.

The project was completed within the allocated timeframes, ensuring the stadium was ready for the start of the season each year. The expansion allowed for an additional row of club seating around the entire stadium, significantly increasing its capacity and enhancing the spectator experience.

Emirates Stadium Haki Scaffolding

The project demanded a high degree of mathematical precision in pattern generation and logistical planning within a live gas compressor station environment. Team members needed specific training and certifications (SCO 91 and EUSR cards) to access the site safely and effectively.

The Emirates stadium expansion is a testament to innovative engineering solutions enabling effective use of space and resources. The access birdcage and remote control loading tracks proved essential in overcoming the logistical challenges of this large-scale construction project, demonstrating our ability to deliver complex solutions on schedule and within budget.

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