Luton Train Station Upgrades

Luton and Dunstable Hospital Alltask Scaffolding

Luton Station serves as a vital transportation hub, which required the replacement of the canopies on Platforms 1 and 2. JSS Rail managed the project, and PSD undertook the design work. The primary objective was to facilitate the removal of the existing canopy and install a new structure.

In accordance with Network Rail’s fire compliance procedures, the entire project demanded the use of fire-retardant materials. This included not only the canopy components but also the scaffold boards and public protection hoardings.

The project encountered a logistical challenge with the delivery of materials. However, this hurdle was addressed by strategically planning a pre-arranged road closure to the A6, allowing for efficient delivery and loading of materials into the sidings in a single shift.
Fortunately, no significant restrictions impeded the process. All required materials were readily available, ensuring a smooth progression following the initial load-in.

The project provided an excellent opportunity for everyone and PSD to showcase their high standards of work, particularly as Luton Station serves as a crucial entry point to the town.

Luton Station Scaffolding
Scaffold Erection for Luton Train Station

The pre-engagement with the roofing contractor was a crucial step in aligning scaffold design and installation sequences with the user’s satisfaction. However, changes in agreed working times posed a challenge, resulting in limited access availability. Despite this, Alltask, demonstrated adaptability to ensure the project adhered to the agreed-upon timeline.

Key Success Factors:
Proactive Planning: The pre-arranged road closure showcased proactive planning, allowing for the efficient delivery and loading of materials.

Scaffolding for Train Station Upgrade

Compliance Assurance: Adhering to Network Rail’s fire compliance procedures ensured the safety and regulatory compliance of the entire project.

Adaptability: Alltask’s ability to react and adapt to changes in working times demonstrated their commitment to delivering the project on schedule, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Stakeholder Satisfaction: Pre-engagement with the roofing contractor contributed to user satisfaction, aligning expectations and ensuring a successful outcome.

In conclusion, the Luton Station Canopy Replacement project showcases the successful collaboration between JSS Rail, PSD, and Alltask. Despite logistical challenges and changes in working times, the team’s proactive approach and adaptability ensured the project’s timely completion, creating a positive impression for the client and local community.


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