Hoddesdon New Pylon Tower

Scaffolding for energy, power transmission and distribution

Alltask provided a weatherproof encapsulation scaffold solution for cable joiners tasked with installing sealing end cables at a new pylon tower. This case study highlights how Alltask’s expertise, nationwide coverage, and commitment to excellence ensured the success of the project.

The project required a weatherproof encapsulation scaffold to facilitate the installation of sealing end cables at a newly constructed pylon tower. The scaffold was needed to provide safe access for cable jointers while protecting them from the elements.

Alltask is a leading provider of design and access scaffolding for energy, power transmission, and distribution, and was chosen for its knowledge and vast experience in the field. Utilising our expertise, Alltask designed a customised encapsulation scaffold tailored to the specific needs of the project.

Key Features of Alltask’s Solution:

National Coverage: With offices in Kent and Bedfordshire, Alltask offers nationwide coverage, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Experienced Team: Alltask’s team includes over 60 National Grid EUSR BESC Persons and UKPN Substation Entry-trained scaffolders, guaranteeing expertise in working within the energy sector.

Luton Station Scaffolding
Scaffold Erection for Luton Train Station

Vast Experience: With 25 years of proven work in power transmission, Alltask brought extensive experience to the project.

In-House Designers: Alltask’s in-house designers utilised their expertise in scaffolding design to ensure the temporary works provided maximum safety and efficiency.

Turnkey Solutions: Alltask provided turnkey solutions, offering top-tier expertise, service, and support throughout the project, resulting in integrated solutions and outstanding project results.

Thanks to Alltask’s innovative encapsulation scaffold solution, the project was completed safely, efficiently, and on schedule. The scaffold provided cable joiners with safe access to the pylon tower while protecting them from adverse weather conditions. Alltask’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensured the success of the project, demonstrating why we are a trusted partner in the energy sector.

Scaffold Erection for Luton Train Station

Alltask encapsulated scaffolding at the new pylon tower confirms our commitment to delivering tailored solutions, exceptional service, and outstanding results. With our nationwide coverage, experienced team, and proven track record, Alltask is the go-to choice for design and access scaffolding in the energy sector.


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