Marble Arch Restoration

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Our client DBR Limited, a renowned heritage restoration and conservation company, has been awarded the project to undertake the conservation cleaning and repair of Marble Arch. This iconic landmark serves as a gateway to London and has a rich history dating back to the 1800s.

The scope of the project involved conservation cleaning and repair work on Marble Arch. The intricate work encompassed the marble facades’ restoration and repair, as well as an overhaul of the roofs and ironwork.

As part of the project, Alltask erected the encapsulated access scaffolding required for the restoration work. Our in-house design team engineered the scaffolding solution tailored to the unique needs of Marble Arch. The challenge in the design was not being able to tie into the Arch; instead, we had to utilise box ties around the columns. The encapsulated design not only ensured worker safety but also protected the Arch and the surrounding environment during the restoration process.

Marble Arch’s journey began in the 1800s as a ceremonial entrance to Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. In 1850, it was relocated to Cumberland Gate to serve as the grand entrance to the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. This move was overseen by architect Thomas Cubitt in a remarkably short period of three months. The arch’s Ravaccione marble cladding and Corinthian columns, each carved from a single slab of marble, highlight its intricate craftsmanship.

Marble Arch Conservation Project
Marble Arch Restoration Project

Despite several popular myths surrounding Marble Arch, historical records dispel many of these notions. For example, it was not removed from Buckingham Palace due to its size but rather for its relocation to serve as the entrance to the Great Exhibition. Queen Victoria’s and Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation processions also successfully passed through the arch.

DBR London’s conservation and repair project for Marble Arch, with support from Alltask’s scaffolding, successfully combined historical preservation with modern restoration techniques. The project’s careful execution will ensure that the arch’s heritage and authenticity are preserved for future generations to appreciate.

Marble Arch Access Scaffolding
Access Scaffolding Marble Arch London

The iconic Marble Arch continues to stand as a gateway to London, connecting its rich history with the vibrant life of the city today.

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