Paddington Station

Paddington Station Weather Protection

The project involves installing a waterproof Mega Tent, an overhead gantry crane, and steelwork for upgrades to the road above Platforms 11 and 12 to remove road support beams that are over 100 years old.

The purpose of the structure is to provide weather protection and support towers for the overhead gantry crane, which will remove road support beams below London Street and Platform 11 of Paddington Station. The project started in November 2022 and is due to be completed in 2024.

The scaffold roof serves a dual purpose of providing weather protection and supporting towers for an Overhead Gantry Crane. Three of the eleven support towers were erected on Platform 11 of the station, requiring out-of-hours work to ensure the station remained operational and contact with the public was prevented.

This case study details the process of erecting and modifying the scaffold roof, all while adhering to safety standards and industry guidelines outlined in SG4:15 and TG20:21.

Erection of Scaffold Roof: The initial stage of the project involved the assembly of the scaffold roof structure as per the design. This process involved the following steps:

Site Assessment: The site was assessed to determine the optimal location for the scaffold roof, taking into account the placement of the Overhead Gantry Crane and the road support beams.

Design Review: The design was thoroughly reviewed to ensure it complied with industry standards and safety guidelines, including SG4:22 and TG20:21.

Paddington Station Weather Protection

Erection: Skilled scaffolders and construction workers meticulously erected the scaffold roof, ensuring it met the specified dimensions, load-bearing requirements, and safety criteria.

Safety Measures: Safety protocols were implemented throughout the erection process, including fall protection systems, regular inspections, and adherence to SG4:15 and TG20:21.

Modification and Adaptation: As the project evolved, modifications became necessary to accommodate the specific requirements of removing road support beams.

Integration of Overhead Gantry Crane Support: The scaffold roof was modified to support the installation of the Overhead Gantry Crane, ensuring stability and safety during the removal of road support beams.

Dismantling of Scaffold Roof: Once the road support beams are successfully removed, the scaffold roof will be dismantled systematically. This stage will include:

Methodical Dismantling: Skilled workers will carefully dismantle the scaffold roof following a predetermined plan, ensuring the safety of all personnel involved.

Material Recycling and Disposal: Scaffold components will be sorted, with reusable materials set aside for future projects and non-reusable materials disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Site Cleanup: The site will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure it is restored to its original condition, meeting all safety and environmental standards..

Paddington Station Weather Protection
Paddington Station Weather Protection


Site Constraints: Working in a busy and limited space within the Paddington Station area requires precise planning to minimize disruptions to train services and passenger flow.

Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions, common in the UK, present challenges in maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to the project timeline.

Safety Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to SG4:15 and TG20:21 standards throughout all phases of the project is essential to prevent accidents and injuries.

The successful erection and modification of the scaffold roof at Paddington Station will not only facilitate the removal of road support beams but also ensure the safety of all personnel involved.

This case study highlights the importance of effective project management, adherence to safety guidelines, and the adaptability required in complex construction projects within urban environments. It also serves as a testament to Balfour Beatty’s expertise in delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions.


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