Grain LNG Insulation Project

Scaffolding and Insulation on Thermal and Cryogenic Lines

Thermal Insulation Project

The Grain LNG Terminal is Europe's largest, supplying 20% of the UK's gas requirements. Two major safety milestones were celebrated during its construction, each with one million man-hours worked without any lost injury time.

National Grid Grain LNG aims to be the foremost LNG importation terminal in the world. Our long-term presence has contributed to unparalleled safety, reliability, and efficiency. Alltask were successful for two five-year frameworks, regularly achieving maximum KPIs on planned and reactive works.

Alltask were responsible for scaffolding and insulating new lines and tanks, each new tank being 50m high and 92metres in diameter. Our on-site thermal insulation engineers worked on thermal and cryogenic lines on this heavily restricted site where there is an ever-present risk of fire or explosions from gas.


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