Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

Dartford Tunnel Asbestos Removal

Dartford, Kent

2017 & 2019

Project Overview:

The first Dartford Tunnel opened in 1963, the second in 1980 and the QE2 Bridge in 1991 completing the “Dartford Crossing” as we know it today. With over 160,000 crossing every day this is now one of the busiest roads in Britain. As part of the Connect Plus Services for Highways England £1.6m tunnel lining repair project Alltask were contracted to remove the asbestos backing boards from the vitreous enamelled panels.

All internal panels of the 1400m East Tunnel were to be removed, wrapped, then transported to an enclosure outside the tunnel to begin removal of the backing board under fully controlled conditions. Restricted overnight tunnel closure working hours meant a comprehensive emergency standby procedure had to be put in place.