M25 Dartford Tunnel

Dartford Tunnel Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Project

The first Dartford Tunnel opened in 1963, the second in 1980, and the QE2 Bridge in 1991, completing the “Dartford Crossing” as we know it today. With over 160,000 crossings every day, this is now one of the busiest roads in Britain. As part of the Connect Plus Services for Highways England, £1.6m tunnel lining repair project Alltask was contracted to remove the asbestos backing boards from the vitreous enamelled panels.

The asbestos-lined panels were individually numbered before their controlled removal from the 1400m tunnel wall could take place.

Each individual panel was sealed with polythene and transported to a separate compound, ready for the asbestos removal phase of work.

The removal phase involved the construction of a large airtight enclosure, including three stage airlocks and baglocks, that was kept under constant negative pressure while the asbestos lining was carefully removed by our trained operatives.

Three teams were needed to complete the project, with Team 1 removing the panels from the tunnel wall on nightshifts, Team 2 removing the asbestos from the panels on dayshifts and Team 3 reinstating the relined panels on nightshifts.

Overnight tunnel closure working hours meant a comprehensive emergency standby procedure had to be in place, as any overrun affecting the re-opening of the tunnel to traffic carried huge penalties.

The work was completed on time, incident-free, and within our client’s programme requirements.


Asbestos Removal Enclosure
Asbestos Removal Dartford Tunnel

"Very rarely do I notice and recognise individuals for their work ethic, safe working practices and leadership skills on-site, especially in the highly controlled area of Asbestos removal.  I have not had the pleasure of working with Alltask before and therefore must say the hands-on leadership is very impressive.   Please pass on my thanks to the team who have adapted and conquered the many challenges on site to a very high standard of safety and work ethic"

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